Saturday, March 21, 2009

Israeli Politics

Check out my new blogpost on a site associated with Haaretz:

Many of you will know the back alleys near Kikar Tzion in Jerusalem: dusty, cobbled-stoned roads, labyrinthine alleys, and rusty railings greet you there. I entered my apartment by passing under a stone archway, turning right, jumping over a gate, climbing stairs, jiggling a difficult lock, and passing through my roommate’s room. My job was no less idiosyncratic and, fittingly, the open courtyard where I dug dirt and carried tiles was within sight of my apartment. My co-workers were Palestinian tiling experts and Ukrainian leathernecks in their fifties.


Shmuel said...

Barak, Very interesting piece. I really understand your deep discomfort with Lieberman's impending appointment as Foreign Minister. Although you and I are most likely on opposite ends of the political spectrum, I feel the same way you do on this issue. That said, please don't let this undermine your love and faith and connection to Israel. As troubled as the State of Israel currently is and as seemingly divided as we Israelis appear, there is nothing holier than the Children of Israel in the Land of Israel attempting to do G-d's will and be a light unto the nations. Maybe instead of despairing from 6K miles away, you could come and throw your voice into the fray and vote for a party you did believe in. It would be an honor and pleasure to discuss these issues with you in person.