Monday, September 08, 2008

The Invasion of Iraq: A Response to Sir David

I supported the invasion of Iraq and am aware of the resolutions that preceded it. Still, I would argue that the US has accepted an international cost in executing a war of choice that was not supported by the public opinion of the democratic world.

The effectiveness of the US to act as an international policeman is necessarily supported by the good opinion of fellow liberal democracies.


Jeff DeGrasse said...

I've been watching "Generation Kill."
First a book, now a miniseries based on Evan Wright's encounter as an embedded reporter.

It has given me great pause and general discomfort with the neoconservative notion that we should spread democracy with our military. Once you pull the trigger, you cannot stop the bullet.

Our military is trained to wage war -- not spread peace and democracy. "Generation Kill" really illustrates the brutality of the "War on Terror" and how we cannot possibly win on this course.