Tuesday, August 05, 2008


From Pete Wehner:

What we are witnessing unfold in Iraq will one day be written about in history books, and not just military history books. To have taken a situation critics said was a mistake of historic proportions–the worst foreign policy debacle since the founding of the Republic–and to transform it into a victory, which is what is well under way, is among the more dramatic and important moments in American history. These have been exhausting years for our nation, ones during which tremendous errors in judgment were made. But they have been memorable and proud ones as well. And now, we can say with increasing confidence, they have been successful ones.

I supported the war and was hesitant and nervous about the surge. I respect the position of war opponents. Still, are there any such opponents out there who will celebrate these salutary developments in Iraq?


Jeff DeGrasse said...

I think the time has long past to speak in terms of support or opposition to the Iraq war, in general. It is clear the Bush's first term policies were an utter failure. Quietly, those policies were changed in the second term. I support the current ad-hoc policies of reaching out with diplomacy instead of military strength. I'd argue that disarmament of the Sadr militia is a success of untold heroes on ground reaching out. Not military strength. Imagine if we had gotten it right the first time around.